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Police close down ‘fake’ military camp at Ojobi, 14 arrested

The Kasoa Divisional Police Command has closed down a fake military camp at Gomoa Ojobi in the Central Region, and has arrested 14 persons suspected to be fake military officers.

The operation was undertaken over the weekend by a joint police and military team.

The Ojobi District Police Commander, DSP David Osei Fofie, explained to GhanaLife Radio  News that the their action followed a report by the Omankrado of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Kwesi Quansah, that some military personnel had destroyed his property and threatened his life in a video that was shared on  WhatsApp.

He said further investigations are being carried out in collaboration with the military to ascertain the true identities of the arrested individuals.

“Right now, they are at the Kasoa Division for investigations. We are collaborating with the Military authorities to find out who brought them to this area and whether they are military officers.”

At about 1:00pm on Sunday, we got the video and one Kwasi Alhaji came to make a complaint at Ojobi that the men threatened to kill him and destroyed some of his properties including a fence wall. On Saturday, we arrested 4 people and on Sunday, we arrested 10 so in total, there are 14 people.

He said a search conducted on the arrested individuals revealed that they had military bags, boots, uniform, ID cards, military caps, and other military accouterments.

DSP David Osei Fofie added that it was waiting on the Military High Command to confirm the identities of the individuals and the legitimacy of their presence in the area.

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