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Atinka TV didn’t want to associate with my brand – Nana Tornado

Controversial Actor Nana Tornado known in private life as Emil Wood has said that, Accra based Atinka TV breached a contract they had with him because they didn’t want to associate with his brand.

According to the Actor, he had signed a contract with the TV station to air a television program he was bringing on board but the TV station refused to honor their part of the contract as he did.

“I was home one Sunday, waiting to see my series aired on Atinka TV only for me to realize that they were not showing it so I called the manager Rocky to enquire and he told me to my face that, the management of the station has decided not to show my program on their platform”.

The Actor said he was dumbfounded and wanted to know why the TV station would breach the contract.

“Rocky told me the management says, they do not like my kind of image on their platform, they don’t like the way I portray myself on social media and they noticed I did a video with Afia Schwarzenegger and so they do not want people to think they are supporting us, those were the three reasons Rocky Anokye gave me so they refunded my money, can you imagine” he quizzed.

Pissed Nana Tornado said, “I know people see me as an outcast and so I will not beg for partnership from big companies, that is why I paid for the air time but to be treated this way is absurd”.

When asked why he didn’t head to the court to sue the TV station for such treatment he said “I am not ready for certain things”.

Nana Tornado was talking to Zionflex in an interview.

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